pershey“This is our first year at First Congo, and we could not be more pleased. It is everything we envisioned preschool to be. The teachers are warm and loving, and they help the children transition to a preschool setting. We are very pleased with the 2.5 year-old program, and look forward to next year in the 3-year-old program.”
~Parent of Two and a Half Year Old Student~


“The loving, nurturing and safe environment at First Congregational Church Preschool has helped my children in developing their social skills, confidence and kindergarten preparedness.”
~Parent of a Child in Our 3-Year-Old Program~


“There are many preschool choices in and around Western Springs. However, the First Congo Preschool is a special place. Not only do children learn academics, how to follow rules, and manners, they also start to discover what their curious minds and strong bodies are capable of. Everything from the art projects, to the various theme weeks is terrific. I love how the teachers recognize each child’s strengths, and really encourage them to grow in a loving, nurturing environment. My children and I will always have special memories of the preschool and teachers at First Congo.”
~Western Springs Mother of 3 Students in Our Program~


“The environment at First Congregational Church Preschool was the kind of place that I dreamed of sending my children to one day. It was more than a school. It was a family and a home for them. It’s an environment where a child learns to be a child, at play, connecting with other children all while being nurtured and loved.”
~Parent of 3 Students Who Completed the Program~


“After completion of the four-year-old program at First Congregational Preschool, my daughter was fully prepared to be successful in kindergarten. The positive, safe, nurturing, family environment has been integral in encouraging my daughters’ love of school and learning.”
~Western Springs Parent of a Kindergarten Student~


“My daughter has some mild special needs. I did not recognize that she was behind her peers in any way, but the teachers at the First Congo preschool recognized that she was struggling with her fine motor skills, and brought it to my attention in the most caring and gentle way. In discussing the issue with the staff, it was clear to me how much her teachers understood her personality, and saw her as a whole person, not just a child struggling with cutting and writing. They took the time to work with her, at her level, in a way that was above and beyond what I expected. I appreciated the educational attention they gave to her, the sensitivity in which they spoke with me, the way they recognized and admired her strengths, and how they cared for her spirit in all of it. It is that kind of care and attention that helps children thrive and feel safe in an educational environment.”
~Parent of 3 Children In Our Program~